Is Mnangagwa still unwell?

By Daniel Chigundu VICE President Emmerson Mnangagwa who returned home last week from South Africa where he was seeking medical attention for alleged food poising, failed to turn-up for the 5th edition of the Annual National Agri-business Conference (ANAC) on Wednesday. ANAC is jointly organised by the Zimbabwe Agricultural Society (ZAS) and the National Economic Consultative Forum (NECF) and its objective is to look at … Continue reading Is Mnangagwa still unwell?

PDP stance on MDC Alliance

President’s Address to the Party, 22 August 2017 THE People’s Democratic Party (PDP) was formed on the bedrock of the principles of solidarity, freedom and justice – ideals of social democracy. Of importance today is the value of solidarity. The PDP stated its belief in solidarity through unequivocally advocating for the coalition of opposition parties, as stated in the historic Mandel Declaration of the 26th … Continue reading PDP stance on MDC Alliance

National Youth Policy: has it been fully implemented?

 By Tafadzwa Muranganwa ACCORDING to the Ministry of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment, a national youth policy (NYP) is critical for empowering youths to contribute to the shaping and building of the nation. Zimbabwe launched its NYP in 2013 and according to government; the policy seeks to ensure that all young women and men are given meaningful opportunities to reach their full potential, both as individuals and as active … Continue reading National Youth Policy: has it been fully implemented?

Why 2013 voters’ roll has no place in the 2018 election

By Election Resource Centre   AS Zimbabwe heads towards the 2018 elections which are now about a year away, questions on the 2013 voters’ roll can no longer be ignored on the basis of two potential realities. Firstly, the Electoral Act, as it currently stands, does not definitively establish a fresh registration process which will ultimately vanquish the 2013 voters’ roll and thus barring voting on … Continue reading Why 2013 voters’ roll has no place in the 2018 election

Why MDC-T MPs are against coalition

By Daniel Chigundu MORGAN TSVANGIRAI has revealed that some selfish MDC-T legislators are against coalition because they are afraid their seats might be allocated to alliance partners. MDC-T formed an alliance with such opposition parties as MDC-N, PDP, Zanu Ndonga, Transform Zimbabwe, Multi Christian Democratic Party and Zim People First ahead of 2018 elections. Under the alliance agreement, the other parties agreed to support Tsvangirai’s … Continue reading Why MDC-T MPs are against coalition

Is Shumba extorting companies?

By Daniel Chigundu OUTSPOKEN Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has told the National Assembly that Mines and Energy Committee chairperson Daniel Shumba is demanding money from companies so that they won’t appear before his portfolio committee. Raising a point of order in the National Assembly, Honourable Mliswa said he has evidence to show that Honourable Shumba has extortionist tendencies and must be reigned on. “…He (Shumba) … Continue reading Is Shumba extorting companies?

Is 2018 a beacon of hope for youth leadership?

By Tafadzwa Muranganwa AS we slowly draw closer to 2018, many youths are beginning to come out of closets and declaring their interest to contest for political leadership, but will next year’s elections usher in a reign of young leaders? The issue of political positions, especially with regards to contesting in elections by young people is generally regarded as a political landmine in both Zanu … Continue reading Is 2018 a beacon of hope for youth leadership?

Call to expedite Cyber Bill gets louder

By Daniel Chigundu THERE are fears that the Parliamentary Privileges Committee report on death threat messages to MDC-T Members of Parliament (MPs) might be abused to introduce the Cyber Crime Bill. After failing to locate the origin of the messages, The Privileges Committee recommended that there is need to expedite the process of bringing into the operation of the Cyber-crimes Bill, which should establish a Cyber … Continue reading Call to expedite Cyber Bill gets louder

Parliament refuses to approve Ndudzo …as MPs plead for Chiri to stay

By Daniel Chigundu LEGISLATORS from across the country political divided have rejected government’s choice Mike Ndudzo for Auditor General’s post, claiming he has a bad track record. According to the country’s laws, the President appoints the Auditor General with approval from Parliament. Speaking in the National Assembly during a motion to approve the appointment of Mike Ndudzo as Auditor General, Zvishavane Ngezi legislator John Holder … Continue reading Parliament refuses to approve Ndudzo …as MPs plead for Chiri to stay

Why MDC-T wanted secret voting

By Daniel Chigundu MDC-T had hoped to use secret voting to enable unsettled Zanu PF legislators to vote against Constitution Amendment No1, in what would have been a repeat of a 2011 Parliamentary drama. In 2011 MDC-T legislator Lovemore Moyo was re-elected Speaker of Parliament after two Zanu PF legislators voted for him by way of a secret vote in the re-ordered election. Moyo was … Continue reading Why MDC-T wanted secret voting