MDC T bullying  alliance principals

By own correspondent

Smaller parties within the MDC alliance have raised complaints over the manner in which they are being treated by MDC-T saying they are being belittled and treated as if they have nothing to contribute.

Speaking at the Transform Zimbabwe elective congress where deliberations were ongoing on whether the party led by Jacob Ngrivhume should continue within the alliance, Ngarivhume said there have been areas of concern regarding the treatment of alliance principals that he has taken up with the alliance president Nelson Chamisa.

“There have been various complaints within the alliance as the principals feel they are not being given adequate time to speak during the rallies, and I feel this is justified as we are also bringing something to the table. I have some members from my party who have reported to me saying the areas given to us to stand as members of parliament  as part of the alliance agreement are being contested for by MDC candidates, for example in Bikita.”

Tendai Biti who seems to be popular with the crowds at the rally although having a small followership within his PDP party has been given more time to speak , and alliance members have  complained that MDC-T officials get more time to speak whereas Principal leaders have to rotate  chances during different rallies and sometimes as  with the case of ZANU Ndonga’s Mutape Sakwinje are booed off stage without addressing by alleged planted MDC-T youths.

Speaking during the Transform Zimbabwe elective congress yesterday, Zim first president and MDC Alliance principle Agrippa Mutambara said they were aware that as leaders of small parties within the alliance their followers were disgruntled by their treatment within the alliance, but however urged them to look at the bigger picture that is the promised MP seats.

“Transform Zimbabwe and Zim first are some of the parties that joined the MDC alliance , the most important part within our strategy is to be seen in Parliament , let us not be short-sighted , I know that in my party and also in TZ people are murmuring questioning why we joined this alliance as they feel we are being tagged along, understand that in politics we adopt strategies that take us to the next level . By the time we enter Parliament people will know us, however when we meet with other partners we raise such issues,” said Ngarivhume.

The MDC-T has been accused of giving alliance partners ZANU PF stronghold areas that they themselves have never won as their allocated areas to contest.







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