Don’t worry about rigging, we are in God’s time: Chamisa

By Daniel Chigundu

MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa has told thousands of party supporters that rigging will not work this time because God’s time has arrived for Zimbabwe to change.

The opposition party has complained of rigging in almost all the elections that have been held in the country starting with the 2000 Parliamentary elections.

Speaking during a rally at Mkoba Stadium in Gweru, Chamisa said people should not be worried about whether or not the military will accept defeat in the 2018 elections.


“I hear people say Zanu PF will rig the elections, but if God says time has come, it indeed has come, even those who rig will rig against themselves, don’t be afraid that ED will rig, or that the soldiers will not accept.

“How will they refuse to salute, our soldiers, the soldiers of our country, refusing to salute a President of the country, chosen by the people?

“Our slogan going forward is soldiers are ours, police officers are ours, chiefs are ours, headmen are ours and even civil servants are ours, that is where we are going and we are going to announce a serious shift in our approach,” he said.

Chamisa added that his government is going to reorient the security services sector to ensure they don’t belong or serve political parties but the nation.

Currently, the military in Zimbabwe has been accused of siding with Zanu PF at the expense of the general populace and the Kuwadzana East legislator said Zanu PF cannot claim ownership of the army.

mkoba 2

“We are moving away from the Zanu PF owned kind of independence because Zanu PF is not the majority party in Zimbabwe, we are not going to have the Zimbabwe Defence Forces which is Zanu PF because we are the majority party in this country. We are now in charge and have taken charge.

“The coronation of the Ndebele King must be respected and allowed and should not be blocked. What is that? Tradition and culture must be respected, if people want to install their chiefs let them do so that we can be blessed with rains,” Chamisa.

The youthful MDC Alliance leader added that the 2018 elections are not a contest of violence but a transaction of ideas and strategies.

“Where we are going, we want peace in Zimbabwe let’s have a transaction of ideas in Zimbabwe, an osmosis of ideas for a region of higher concentration to a region of low concentration.

Let’s build a new culture, a culture of peace, and a culture of engagement of ideas,” he said.


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