Let’s respect Gogo Tsvangirai – Mwonzora

By Own correspondent
MDC -T secretary general Douglas Mwonzora has castigated those who are insulting Morgan Tsvangirai’s mother on social media describing them as not being genuine party cadres.

Tsvangirai’s mother Lydia Zvaipa affectionately referred to as mbuya or gogo Tsvangirai attracted attention following a video which was shown on ZTV where she was threating to commit suicide if MDC-T acting president Nelson Chamisa and Tsvangirai’s widow Elizabeth Macheka were allowed to attend the funeral.

The video sparked outrage as many felt she was now mixing politics and family issues and had no right to chase anyone away from the funeral, some even said it was a well-orchestrated ploy to discredit people’s favourite Chamisa.

While Gogo Tsvangirai’s outburst might have been as a result of grief and old age, speculation is rife that elements within the party might have incited her anger after rumours had circulated to the effect that Elizabeth and Chamisa were having an affair.

Her rants have however seen her being turned into the buttress of social media jokes overnight and she has already been put in the same league with former Zanu PF youth chairperson Kudzai Chipanga famed for the “Apolo-jersey” and Mwonzora said such behaviour is uncalled for and urged people to respect her.

“The MDCT totally condemns the insults directed towards members of the Tsvangirai family especially Morgan Tsvangirai’s biological mother Mbuya Lydia ,The culprits cannot be genuine MDCT cadres!,” tweeted Mwonzora.

While mbuya Tsvangirai was talking to a relative, ZTV saw it fit to broadcast the message to the unintended public which has resulted in diverting people’s attention from mourning the late Tsvangirai into focusing on speculated family discord.

The video has also attracted backlash which has quickly denigrated into insults amidst allegations that she might not even be the biological mother a claim which Mwonzora has dismissed.

A fake Twitter account has even been created purportedly belonging to mbuya Tsvangirai which is, however, doing nothing except to ridicule her character for meddling in party politics and trying to sideline her daughter in law.

Mwonzora’s tweet came just a few hours after he was booed whilst trying to address mourners at the Harvest house, Mwonzora also took the opportunity to reveal that the next substantive leader of the party will be elected legitimately at the Congress expected in 12 months.



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