Viva Zimbabwe to demand youth inclusion

 By Daniel Chigundu

Viva Zimbabwe chairman Patson Mashingaidze says his party is going to write a very comprehensive letter dubbed Youth Inclusion Document (YID) to President Emmerson Mnangagwa demanding inclusion of youths in government and other state owned institutions.

President Mnangagwa took no regard of youth and women when he appointed his grey-haired and recycled cabinet to the extent that he assigned the Youth Ministry to Sithembiso Nyoni who is in her late 60s.

Despite constituting the majority in the country with about 65 percent, the only notable youth in cabinet is Minister Petronella Kagonye who was born in 1978.

However, this not new to Zanu PF as the previous party secretary for youth affairs Absolom Sikhosana was above 60 years while the current one Pupurai Togarepi is said to be 69 years old.

In an interview, Mashingaidze said the youth have been disadvantaged for a long time and the letter will serve to demand a youth quarter coupled with other things such as educational grants.

“The Youth Inclusion Document is basically a letter to President Emmerson Mnangagwa telling him what we expect from government as a society that has been disadvantaged for so long. We as Viva Zimbabwe believe this is a generational letter the first of its kind and will be found in history as the ultimate ideological game changer for youth demography.

“We want the world to remember us as not only academically literate but also politically literate. The Youth Inclusion Document will be given to the Minister of Youth in the coming week by the newly appointed spokesperson and information secretary of the party Timothy Mutsikwi,” he said.

According to Mashingaidze, the letter also talks about the need to build more vocational schools in the country that have an ideological empowerment module among other things.

Viva Zimbabwe which is repositioning itself since expelling former chairman Acie Lumumba for bringing the name of the party into disrepute, says it is there to protect the youths within the country’s borders by being catalysts of youth inclusion in national politics, a position which they say is not properly represented in government at the moment.

The Patson Mashingaidze led party remains the only youth based political organisation, affording youths the opportunity to contest for any seat in Parliament and local authorities in the impending general elections.


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