Zim youths declare own ‘Operation Restore Legacy’

By Watmore Makokoba

After the successful ‘Operation restore legacy’ initiated by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces last month, disgruntled youth under the banner Revolutionary Freedom Fighters (RFF) have launched a campaign to preserve and guard the gains attained by the country’s liberation struggle and restore lost legacy.

The youths composed of activists and aspiring politicians, some who are vying for Parliamentary seats in the coming elections gathered in Bulawayo last week and signed a declaration where they pledged to fight for the restoration of the country’s lost dignity and economic vibrancy, claiming that they are not going to be treated as leaders of tomorrow, but of today.

“We, the youths of Zimbabwe, united in our diversity converged in the City of Bulawayo which is identified with the concept of nationalism, being the home of Cde Joshua Nkomo popularly known as Father Zimbabwe.

“We recognized that there is need for the youths of this generation to father the nation today and not tomorrow and we are determined to ensure that we restore the true legacy of Zimbabwe. We recognize the significance of the liberation struggle and the contributions of the war veterans who waged it.

“In the spirit of Ubuntu, we, the Revolutionary Freedom Fighters (RFF) are committed to restoring the family legacy believing that we, the current generation are responsible for shaping the future of this country. We are all Zimbabwean and equal, therefore we all deserve to live in peace, joy and happiness. Our children should never again have to be second-class citizens in their country,” reads the declaration.

The youths said they have been motivated to form the RFF movement by the same reasons that drove many gallant sons and daughters of the soil into various jungles to fight exclusion, oppression and repression to ensure a free democratic sovereign state.

“We recognize the founding values and principles of Zimbabwe in reference to Section 3 of our constitution, therefore we pledge to fight to safeguard the gains of the liberation struggle, defend the supremacy constitution of Zimbabwe (Section 2), said the movement’s spokesperson Abigail Mupambi.

Under the declaration, the youths further resolved to stand up against any further undermining and privatization of the liberation struggle, any form of discrimination and inequality whether based on tribe, race, disability or sex but to promote a culture of inclusion and unity of purpose calling for the respect of human rights as enshrined in the bill of rights.

Youth leaders constituting RFF steering committee from various provinces includes Chairperson Linda Masarira (Harare), Vice Chairperson Alfred Dzirutwe (Bulawayo), Secretary General Tonderai Dombo, Organizing Secretary Josphat Mzaca Ngulube (Bulawayo), Deputy Organ Praise Moyo (Chitungwiza), Treasurer Takudzwa Feso (Mash Central), Sec Information & publicity Abigail Mupambi (Bubi, Mat. North), Deputy Sec Information& publicity Vongai Zimudzi (Harare), Sec. For Security Mcabango Mpande (Binga) and Sec For Recruitment & Mobilization Munyaradzi Rushwaya Tshuma (Masvingo) (Mash. East).

The movement is sister in nature to the South African Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) founded by Julius Sello Malema in July 2013 and it is now a political party with representatives in Parliament.

Malema previously served as President of the African National Congress Youth League from 2008 to 2012.


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