Mnangagwa intensifies fight against corruption

 By Daniel Chigundu

President Emmerson Mnangagwa says all cases of corruption must be investigated and the offenders brought to book adding that his government will not tolerate corruption.

Corruption in both the government and the private sector has been blamed for the country’s economic woes were it has chased away, potential investors.

According to the country’s former President Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe lost about US$15 billion in diamond revenue through underhand dealings.

The auditor general’s reports have also consistently exposed various corrupt activities in public institutions which have seen the country losing millions of dollars and equipment.

Presenting his State of the Nation Address (SONA) to a joint house sitting of Parliament, President Mnangagwa said corruption affects development and must be dealt with.

“Corruption remains the major source of some of the problems we face as a country, and its retarding impact on national development cannot be overemphasised.

“The goal of my government is to build a new Zimbabwe, based on the crown values of honesty, transparency, accountability and hard work.

“…on individual corruption cases of corruption, every case must be investigated and punished in accordance with the dictates of our laws. My government will have zero tolerance towards corruption. Economic developments require a clean government…,” he said.

According to various economic watchers, corruption in government is being fueled by the current manual systems that are still being used in various ministries.

Although the government announced since 2010 its intentions to computerize its various systems, corresponding action has been lacking.

However, President has revealed that work is currently being done to spearhead an e-government program aimed at helping curb corruption.

“…in this new era, measures are being taken to vigorously spearhead the e-Government program, not only as a means to keep in step with the ICT revolution but also to fight corruption.

“This is being complemented by the concurrent drive to boost internet connectivity throughout the country,” he said.


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