War veterans give Mugabe 24hrs to go

By Daniel Chigundu

ZIMBABWE National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWA) says President Robert Mugabe has to promptly leave office now or face consequences.

Mugabe who turns 94 years next year in February is currently under house arrest since Tuesday when the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) took over control of the government.

The aged Zimbabwean is reportedly refusing to step down following negotiations with ZDF and a South African Envoy send by President Jacob Zuma.

Addressing the media ZNLWVA leader Christopher Mutsvangwa said war veterans are there to change things and Mugabe must go immediately.

“What am I getting to; I told you the army is there to protect the constitution, the public and everything else. We the war veterans are there to change things.

“We are giving an ultimatum that’s my statement; we are giving an ultimatum to Mugabe. This aura this pretence that things are normal, going to ZOU University and capping people, its pretence we won’t accept it, it’s finished.

“He has to make a decision through the diplomacy which is being given by SADC to promptly leave office that is all we want. He must leave office still under the terms of the uniformed guys because they are there to protect the government, they are there to protect the constitution and we war veterans are there to change things.

Mutsvangwa added that “this is the time for the change and we are on the same page with Zimbabwean population which has suffered 15 to 20 years of abject neglect,” he said.

The war veterans’ leader said contrary to the impression that Mugabe gives that he did war veterans a favour, it is actually the other way round as he never participated in the war.

“He makes the impression that he did war veterans a favour, no, the favour goes the other way and not him giving us favours.

“He only came to the front one time. The nearest Mugabe came to the front of the war was 400km away between Gaza and Maputo, otherwise, he was 1400 km away when we talk of the Tete Front in the North.

“He had nothing except flowery speeches to give annually as the leader of the party and reading war communicates which we the fighters were doing at the front through our illustrious commander Josiah Tongogara.

“This mantraism of war heroism is nonsense he doesn’t deserve it and we are saying it is war veterans who fought, but the way he has treated us since independence is a reflection of his disdain for those war veterans,” he said.

Mutsvangwa added that Mugabe said war veterans were no longer a factor as their number had deteriorated and that the future lies in G40.


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