Zimbabwean War Vets Call For A Commission Of Inquiry To Look Into Crimes By Robert Mugabe

BY Tafadzwa Muranganwa

The war veterans have urged the ZANU PF central committee to set a commission of inquiry on President Robert Mugabe who is reportedly under house arrest.

Speaking at a packed media conference, the Zimbabwe National  Liberation War Veterans Association(ZNLWA) secretary general Victor Matemadanda  said  the central committee  should set up a commission of inquiry to probe crimes that were committed by President Robert Mugabe during his reign.

“The central committee should immediately  set up a commission of inquiry to look into crimes that were committed by Mugabe during his time in leadership of the party .

“It should also look why he (Mugabe) chose to work with counter-revolutionary elements   like Professor Jonathan Moyo and the reason for purging cadres with war credentials,” said an authoritative Matemadanda.

The ZNLWVA boss said they were recalling the president from his position in the party   because of the  crimes he has committed.

“We are re-calling Robert Mugabe from the position of the president of the party and first   secretary and this is not the first time we have done this as we did the same to Sithole.

“But lets us be clear that the crimes that have been committed   by Mugabe are more that those that Ndabaningi  Sithole  did,” cited Matemadanda  referring to the Mgagao Declaration which put Mugabe as the leader of the revolutionary party.

Matemadanda also took a swipe at Zanu PF youth league chairman Kudzai Chipanga for denigrating the Zimbabwe Defense Forces boss and said the 94-year-old leader should have reprimanded the youth leader.

The fiery war veterans leader   urged the central committee to convene and re-admit expelled and suspended members of Zanu PF who were affected by Kasukuwere ’s  ‘rout’.

The war veterans hinted the   prospect of a transitional government by rallying opposition parties to support the ‘development’.

“This move has been done for all Zimbabweans and there should be political convergence for the betterment of the country,  ” said the ZLWNVA secretary general.

The war veterans are going to hold a meeting on Saturday and they said they will be defying police as it has   been reluctant to grant them clearance.


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