BREAKING!!!! Court dismiss O’Donovan application

By Daniel Chigundu

Harare Magistrate Nomsa Sabarauta has dismissed an application by US citizen Martha O’Donovan to declare her case as being improperly before the court.

O’Donovan is facing two charges, undermining the President and trying to remove a constitutionally elected government through a retweet.

Magistrate Sabarauta said contrary to what defense was saying, proper arresting procedures were followed by the arresting officer and that the accused was informed of her alleged crimes as enshrined in the country’s laws.

The magistrate remanded O’Donovan to 15 November in custody and advised her to apply for bail at the High Court.

In an interview, O’Donovan’s lawyer Obey Shava said they were they were challenging the legality of the arrest.

“We did not deal with the bail issue, for that we will approach the High Court.

“We were challenging the legality of the arrest, unfortunately the court was not with us so our case was dismissed.

“We will be applying for bail on Monday,” he said.


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