Mnangagwa’s ouster: will there be promised fireworks?

By Tariro Senderayi

From history, we have learnt that once you are on the receiving end of a serious tongue lashing from the first lady Grace Mugabe, you are closely inching towards the Zanu PF exit door.


A good example is that of former Vice President Joice Mujuru who went through the same fate as current Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

However, the difference between the two is that Mnangagwa will not be easily given his walking shoes, as there are some of his alleged supporters that have vowed to unleash untold terror if that happens.

While his support base has largely remained presumptive for fear of victimization from the other faction, Mnangagwa support base cannot and should not be underestimated.

President Robert Mugabe has however not made the situation easy with the announcement of the cabinet reshuffling and expectations are that either Lacoste (allegedly fronted by Mnangagwa) or G40 (allegedly fronted by Grace Mugabe) will have their wings clipped through this purge.

Others have actually advised that Mnangagwa is likely to lose his Justice Ministry portfolio to a person aligned with his alleged enemies in the succession battle.

Some of Mnangagwa’s loyalists including War Veterans secretary general Victor Matemadanda have expressed their displeasure at the supposed agenda to oust Mnangagwa.

“We want people in Zanu PF to clearly understand, including Mugabe that they joined the party and it is not theirs.

“We can’t have problems as a country because Mugabe and his wife dislike Mnangagwa. Right now people are moving around claiming the Harare interface rally will be the final day to deal with Mnangagwa, but let it be known that their plans will not succeed.

“The Harare interface rally will be our independence day. It will be the mother of whatever is going to happen…,” said Matemadanda.

The former Zanu PF member said even though they were fired from Zanu PF, they will be attending the Harare Province Youth Interface Rally, adding that all opposition parties including MDC-T must attend to help deal with Zanu PF once and for all.

“Every Zimbabwean who is not happy about the state of affairs must come to the interface and we teach those people a lesson. We will deliver final victory on behalf of the people of Zimbabwe,” Matemadanda said.

Battle lines have been drawn, intentions have also been made known, what remains to be seen in action.

Will people live up to their statements, will Mnangagwa face the boot, will there be a civil war or better still a coup.

Is the first lady not afraid as she has claimed, time will tell when Mnangagwa is ousted, if he is going to be ousted?


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