Opinion: Are Political Factions Really That Bad?

By Open Parly Contributor

If you have been in Zimbabwe for a while you would know factions as bad and in Zanu Pf’s case is treasonous but in reality, every democracy will have what pessimists view as factionalism but in reality, it is just a difference of views.

A true democracy should welcome and accommodate all views even when majority view determines which path to take.  Even in classroom politics, there is the class monitor and his/her deputies but everyone in the class has their favourite what’s new there in politics.

Zimbabwe’s politics has not fully progressed because of its inability to fully embrace democratic principles. Rather the approach we have taken in political party structures is that of a traditional family where the father is the head of the family and he determines the direction of the family, where elders deserve the utmost respect and critiquing them is disrespectful.

This has been the case for both Zanu Pf and MDC-T over the years. My idea of a democracy is that a cocktail of ideas whether ideas that complement each other or that conflict, it helps a democracy that captures the

In my view, the factionalism is overrated as everyone is entitled to their views even in Zanu Pf’s case their party constitution accommodates various views on paper but in reality, it is a different issue.

The latest bootlicking remarks by a Zanu Pf youth leader saying President Mugabe is their life president is not only outrageous at the national scale but also in their party structures as Zanu Pf constitution makes room for a new leader to be elected at their congress.

Factionalism has been playing out for over a year since Mai Mujuru was booted out and the war veterans later suffered the same fate. Could factionalism be another smokescreen to pacify the masses or just another overrated issue playing out in the media? That’s a question for academics and critics to ponder on but the bottom line this has been the narrative for a long while.


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