Open Parly ZW Election Reporting Bootcamp for Bloggers & Citizen Journalists | Apply Now

Zimbabwe is scheduled to have harmonized elections in 2018. Prior to an election, the media has the duty to ensure that the public is informed about relevant electoral matters such as the political parties, candidates, campaign issues and voting processes. Bloggers & Citizen journalists play an important role & have an obligation to ensure voters understand how to exercise their vote.

We are inviting bloggers & citizen journalists to attend a 2-day bootcamp to sharpen their skills in election reporting in Zimbabwe. Participants will learn some of the latest tools available for bloggers & citizen journalists to use in election reporting.


  • Participants must be between 18 – 35 years old
  • Have an active social media presence or
  • Be a contributor for a blog or online publication
  • Media or Journalism students are encouraged to apply
  • Be available to participate in the full 2 days

If you wish to attend the bootcamp please fill out the application form below.


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