In Zimbabwe, we have become experts of the blame game

By Daniel Chigundu

PEOPLE’S Democratic Party (PDP) economic affairs secretary Vince Musewe has called on Zimbabweans especially those in the opposition parties to stop blaming others for their failures and focus finding solutions.

The ruling party Zanu PF and the main opposition party MDC-T have a long history of always blamed each other for the current problems bedeviling the country.

According to Zanu PF, Zimbabwe is in a mess today because of sanctions which came allegedly at the instigation of the MDC-T, while the latter blames the former for bad governance and human rights violations.

Musewe an economist by training is of the view that this blame game has been used by some people to justify their poor performance, adding that now is the time for Zimbabweans to consider changing their attitudes if the country is to change for the good.

“To change our circumstances requires that we first change our attitudes. In Zimbabwe, we have become experts of the blame game. We blame Zanu PF who in turn blames sanctions and imperialists.


“Of course Zanu PF must go, they are the root cause of most of our problems but we have also been architects in creating that circumstance.
Any critique at MDC-T failure to manage councils effectively for example, results in excuses and blame game. We do not elect leaders to complain but to find solutions! What this does is to strengthen and give fuel to the very paradigm of shifting the blame which Zanu PF have become experts at.

“Yet the reasons for non-delivery are multiple and include the fact that our selection of MPS and councillors is based on popularity stakes and not skills. So you get individuals being expected to do jobs outside their skills set. This has contributed to the problem of non-delivery we are facing,” he said.

Most MDC-T run urban councils have constantly complained that they are not able to provide the type of service they want because of too much interference from Local Government minister.


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