Zimbabwean MPs operate from Africa Unity Square: Nyamupinga

By Daniel Chigundu

GOROMONZI WEST Legislator Biata Beatrice Nyampinga has blasted Parliament for failing to provide Members of Parliament (MPs) with offices to conduct their business from, adding that this has seen legislators working from Africa Unity Square.

The legislator said MPs in other countries such as Rwanda and Uganda have offices at Parliament to work from and have permanent sitting places unlike the situation in the country.

“We need to have permanent sitting places which should be reserved for a member even when absent. We saw it in Uganda and Rwanda.

“We need to have specially reserved places. In our case you have to be as early as possible in order for you to get a seat in this August House.

“We are MPs who have no offices, when members from the public want to meet us, they need to see us in our offices but as of now we hold meetings in Africa Unity Square next to Parliament building and yet we will be discussing serious business.

“There is no MP with an office therefore we are reduced to paupers. When you go to the constituencies, the Parliamentary Constituency Information Centres no longer exist. We need to be held in high esteem,” she said.

In earlier interviews Harare West legislator Jessie Majome told Open Parly ZW that she has had to use Facebook as her virtual office because Parliament had failed to provide resources for offices.

Featured Image: Biata Beatrice Nyamupinga a Member of Parliament in the Republic of Zimbabwe


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